How you can Not End up being Gay

The idea that homosexuality is a disease is bogus. A growing body of scientific analysis implies that both men and women may have similar biological factors that cause their homosexuality. Yet , there is a issue with the way the anti-gay movement offers treated these issues.

Many attempts at «curing» homosexuality are worthless. They are often unsafe. In addition , they will lead to further more doubts regarding yourself.

To assist you find out whether or not you’re gay, you should consider several factors. Examples include your very own beliefs, the opinions of others, and your private sexual positioning.

You should also steer clear of being in case of with people who also are inside the contrary sex. For instance , you should avoid examining articles regarding gay persons or magazines that show homosexuals in a positive light. In the same way, you should steer clear of watching TV shows that portray gay persons negatively or visiting gay and lesbian areas.

Also, you must avoid saying the words «gay» or «homosexual». If you are HIV positive, you should avoid touching, talking to, or reading regarding same-sex persons.

Another way to steer clear of being homosexual is to recognize that ones sexual alignment may be a personal decision. If you choose to end up being heterosexual, it is not a sin. However others see the sexuality, you will eventually have to acknowledge it.

Finally, you should be honest with yourself. Should you be sexually arousing yourself, it is most likely mainly because you will be not aware of your own sex-related positioning. Once you recognize this, you can begin to work towards changing your behavior.